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Exa Coin

Exacoin is a cryptocurrency which is used to exchange in Exa Ecosystem. The maximum supply of Exa is 27,000,000 coins and forecasts to be fully exploited in 12 years.

Exa Ecosystem

Exa platform includes an ecosystem revolving around the analyses of other cryptocurrencies, buying or selling signals, auto-trading software, lending platform, and mobile app.

Exa AI

Exa AI is the core of Exa Ecosystem. Exa AI learns from the community and upgrades on its own to serve Exa Ecosystem.

Exa Eco Platform

Providing new cryptocurrency solutions

Exa offers special solutions that allow investors to earn the most from Exacoin and over 1,300 cryptocurrencies in the market.

Exa Eco Platform

Exa AI facilitates the auto trading of over 1,300 cryptocurrencies via millions of micro-transactions. Therefore, we commit to paying monthly interest rates up to 60%.


Exa provides pioneering means and tools for traders: trading signals and auto-trade applications. Coin selections and the ratio of profits are determined by traders.


Staking Exacoins in your wallets and receive bonuses from us. On a monthly basis, bonus rate is up to 10%, based on the period and the number of coins.


Exacoin is optimized in algorithms, allowing you to earn coins through many devices from specialized machines to basic web browsers.

getting profit ?

Make a fortune from Exa lending

up to 48%

$100 - $1,000

Volatility software interest 48%
Guarantee 0%
Duration 179 days

up to 51%

$1,010 - $5,000

Volatility software interest 48%
Guarantee 0.1%
Duration 149 days

up to 54%

$5,010 - $10,000

Volatility software interest 48%
Guarantee 0.2%
Duration 119 days

up to 57%

$10,010 - $50,000

Volatility software interest 48%
Guarantee 0.3%
Duration 99 days

up to 58.5%

$50,010 - $100,000

Volatility software interest 48%
Guarantee 0.35%
Duration 79 days

up to 60%

$100,010 above

Volatility software interest 48%
Guarantee 0.4%
Duration 59 days
Affiliate Program

Thank you for supporting & contributing to Exa

ICO rewards

Earn 5% commission every time your referrals buy Exacoins during ICO

Lending rewards

Earn a commission every time your referrals lend on EXA platform.
Road map?

Following Exa deadline

January March May July September November January 2019
1 EXA = $ 20
Internal Exchange
1 EXA = $ 50
External Exchanges
1 EXA = $ 100
AI Trading Tool
1 EXA = $ 200
Exa Credit Card
Lending platform
Staking platform
Trading platform
Exa AI development, integration with digital currency exchanges:
Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Bitflyer, HitBTC ...
why Exa

Exa AI, never stop learning!


The core of Exa is Exa AI, artificial intelligence. Exa AI constantly learns to analyze and accurately identify the trends of the cryptocurrency market.

Exa AI operates based on Big Data and a deep machine platform. Exa AI supports investors in analyzing and making accurate trading decisions. Exa AI constantly monitors trading behaviors of professional investors to cultivate knowledge.

Exa AI needs a community for it to exist and grow. The wider the community is, the more powerful Exa AI’s knowledge becomes. This makes the Exa AI signals more accurate.

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